How to make corgi shed less.

Do Corgis Shed A Lot? YES. (And 8 Tricks To Control It!)

So, you’re wondering how much corgis shed.

Well, this post may surprise you.

Read on to see how much hair they produce. And how you can control the shedding!

Let’s go!

Do corgis shed?

A corgi standing up.
You’re in for a surprise.

Yes. Corgis do shed. A lot.

You may have heard people saying around the web that corgis only said once in a while. Or corgis only shed twice a year. Both of those are completely false.

Just like how people mistaken corgis to be aggressive, they’re also wrong about them “not shedding” often.

Corgis will shed all year round and you’ll be eating dog hair for dinner soon enough.

Why do corgis shed so much?

This is because they are a double-coated dog. This means that instead of just shedding a single coat, they actually shed two coats at the same time.

There are many different classifications of dogs and how much they shed. Corgis are actually in the high-shedding category.

Sure, there are periods where they don’t shed for a bit, but that doesn’t last for long. And when it’s time to shed- they’ll do so like crazy.

Shorter coated dogs shed more than longer coated dogs.

Dog hair sheds when it’s fully finished growing. The double coat on a corgi just doubles the amount of shedding you’ll be having to deal with overall!

How long do corgis shed for?

Corgi shedding.

If you put science into the mix, it’s technically true that corgis only shed twice a year.

But when you actually own a corgi, you’ll notice that this is simply not true.

(Corgi owners already know this.)

They shed so much that you won’t even notice the “twice a year” sheddings. They constantly shed all year long, and during those two peak seasons, they’ll shed triple the amount.

How much they shed depends on many different factors, such as temperature, diet, and your grooming upkeep.

Constantly changing temperatures can cause more shedding. What you feed them can affect their overall coat.

And how often do you groom them will control how much hair comes off.

With proper daily grooming, sometimes twice a day, you can reduce the amount of dog hair that comes off of their coat.

But you can’t prevent the hair 100%. You’ll have to also vacuum up after them- almost on a daily basis. Or at least every other day if you want to keep your home relatively dog hair free.

How often do corgis shed?

Corgis shed constantly.
Controlling the shedding will be hard.

Corgis blow their coat twice a year officially, but the constant shedding will overwhelm you if you’re the one that cares.

So if you’re looking for a dog that has manageable shedding, look elsewhere!

Even with daily grooming and vacuuming, you’ll feel like you cleaned up nothing once you’ve gone through the whole house!

These two shedding seasons are back to back. Half a year each.

(That was a joke.)

During these peak shedding season, they’ll shed like CRAZY. You probably won’t be prepared for this when he actually starts.

And then you’ll understand what I’m trying to tell you. They shed enough that you can make a second corgi out of it.

For those who don’t own a corgi yet: Prepare to find dog hair in places you never expected- like your socks, clothes, and even your dressers!

You’ll never actually get to leave your home without at least a single strand of corgi hair on you.

So be ready for that!

Check out this video to see for yourself:

(Via Nathalie Beauregard)

How do I stop my corgi from shedding?

That’s like saying how do you stop your fingernails from growing? You can’t.

Corgis will shed constantly throughout the year.

Depending on your climate, the amount of dog hair will be more or less. Temperature changes will cause more shedding.

So if you live somewhere where the temperatures are more stable, you’ll be better off.

How can I make my corgi shed less?

Corgi puppy shedding.
So, you want to stop your corgi from shedding? Good one.

You can’t really do much.

Here are some tips to help reduce and control the shedding, but note that it’s not possible to completely get rid of the dog hair.

1. Groom your corgi on a schedule

Use an undercoat rake and brush the dog daily.

This brush will target their undercoat and can prevent the hair from coming off the dog if you brush it beforehand.

Every time you brush, expect to comb up a pile of hair as big as your corgi.

Use an overcoat brush to keep the outside coat tidy.

Be sure to use both brushes. Every day. Twice a day.

Never skip a grooming session or you’ll pay for it.

Don’t be afraid to groom with a firm hand to make sure you dislodge all the loose hairs.

2. Control your corgi’s diet to control the shedding

What you feed your dog will directly affect the amount of hair he produces! You can help reduce shedding by using the following tips.

3. Feed your corgi fish oil

Feed your corgi natural fish oil. You can get this in capsule form and just incorporate it into his diet as a supplement. Use as directed.

The fish oil will help decrease the shedding and also help improve the coat.

You’ll notice a fuller and softer coat. Not to mention fish oil is good for dogs overall (neurological systems).

4. And flaxseed

This is another supplement you can feed your dog to help control the shedding. Get an all-natural bottle and use as directed.

5. Choose the right dog food

There are hundreds of dog food brands out there so I’m not going to explain every single one.

Do your research and pick out the very best, high-quality, all-natural dog food you can buy.

6. Vacuum your home often

Use a vacuum made for dog hair.

Don’t try to skimp on this and pick up a cheap household vacuum- it won’t work.

You’ll end up with either a vacuum that’ll jam or that you’ll have to replace the canister every other minute.

Pick up a quality vacuum specific for dog hair cleanup!

Vacuum at least every other day.

Don’t forget to use the handheld attachment to get hard-to-reach places where dog hair can build up. Check under furniture, under the bed, within closets, or even in your shoes!

Change the canister on time or else the vacuum won’t be as efficient.

Consider getting a robotic vacuum that runs on schedule automatically to lessen the workload. But don’t depend on it!

Did I mention to get a vacuum just for dog fur?

7 Bathe your corgi

The last tip would be to continually give your corgi a bath on a schedule.

Do it at least once a week and scrub him well. Use a brush during the process as many hairs will become loose during the bath.

The water seems to dislodge any loose hairs, so you’ll be able to pick up a lot during this process.

Use the corgi grooming tips above and use both brushes. Be sure to bathe him at least once a week and do a deep clean for his coat! Use a high-quality, all-natural shampoo for his coat to keep it healthy.

Although I definitely can’t say for sure, I believe the shampoo will have a direct effect on the amount of shedding he does.

8. Or just get used to it!

This is the best option.

You’ll be spending a long time with your new best friend, so get used to his hair being everywhere.

You really don’t have much you can do other than to just do regular maintenance so the shedding doesn’t go fully out of control.

But once you get on a cleaning and grooming schedule, you’ll see how much corgi hair you’ll have to deal with regularly. Once you get used to the amount, it’s not too bad.

Are you ready to eat dog hair?

Corgi shedding tips.
Corgis are the champions of dog hair, especially for a small dog!

No matter what you do, you won’t be able to control everything.

There will be dog hair everywhere no matter how strict your grooming, bathing, diet, and even your vacuuming schedule is.

But don’t worry- you’ll learn to get used to it over time!

You’ll find corgi everywhere- your furniture, kitchen, bathroom, carpet, floors, and even your bed.

Be ready for this or else you’re making a mistake.

But hey. It’s just corgi glitter. Embrace it. Now tell a friend!