When will corgi ears stand up?

Do You Need to Tape Corgi Ears? (What You Should Know)

Corgi ears are just one of the many things to appreciate in a dog.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn:

  • How long it takes for corgi ears to stand up
  • How to tape corgi ears (and why)
  • Why some corgis never get standing ears

Let’s get started!

Corgi ears

Corgi ears.
Corgi ears have a fox-like appearance with an upright shape.

For me, the ears are what make the dog.

For others, they may have different opinions =].

The Pembroke and Cardigan corgis both have upright, perky ears.

When corgis are still puppies, the ears are flat and boring. As they age, the become stiff and less flappy.

Some puppies may need additional help once in a while to straighten up their ears, but most will grow into pointed ears just fine.

How long does it take for the ears to stand up?

Around 8 weeks, the corgi puppy will start to perk up. Some corgis may start to rise a little earlier, and some will take a little longer.

Just like humans, corgis develop at different rates.

The “8 weeks” rule just seems to be the average. Your corgi may develop by 7 weeks. Or he may still have flat ears at 9 weeks. There is no hard-and-fast rule.

Why does it take so long for corgi ears to develop?

Corgi puppies don’t have upright pointed ears and will remain droopy and flat.

The development of their ears is extremely slow.

It’s totally normal to have one ear upright and the other completely flat. Over time, they should both rise up and stay pointed.

During development, the ears may also perk up then suddenly flop.

When are the ears supposed to be completely upright?

The ears should be completely pointed between 4-6 months of age.

Again, these are averages. If your corgi is way beyond these age brackets and the ears are still flat or partially developed, take your dog to the vet!

Is it normal to still have floppy ears?

There is a small portion of corgis that will never develop straight pointed ears and either have partial or drop ears.

This is just something to keep in mind. The vast majority of corgis will develop upright ears.

But some will have drop ears not because they’re having trouble, but rather because they can’t.

Are corgis supposed to have pointed ears?

Corgi floppy ears.
Yes, at birth. And some will never have upright ears.

The AKC states that uprighted ears for corgis is the breed standard.

But this only matters if you plan to use him as a show dog. As a personal companion? Who cares.

I think the pointed ears are awesome, but a corgi with floppy ears? I’ll gladly take him.

My corgi is 12 weeks old and the ears are still floppy

12 weeks is barely over 4 months. You still have another 8 weeks for them to fully develop. Relax.

If you’ve been noticing slight perking, you’re good to go. Even if they flop again after a few days, that’s normal. Give it some more time.

Corgi ears are made of the same stuff your ears are made of. That’s cartilage. During development, they’ll go up and down almost randomly.

How to tape corgi ears

If you’re really concerned, you should see a vet. That’s first.

Next, you may be able to help him develop faster by taping his ears. It sounds harsh, but it’s a widely practiced corrective habit and it seems to work.

Do you need to tape corgi ears? Most of the time, no. But some people are concerned about the ear development, so doing this will help.

Here’s how you do it:

  • You’re basically taping his ears back so they stay upright during development.
  • You use light packing tape and wrap them around the ear so it stands upright.
  • Do this to both ears.
  • You remove the tape periodically to check for mold from water and to disinfect during bathing.
  • After they stand up on their own, you keep the tape off permanently.

Here’s a video that demonstrates this:

Corgi ears will take time

Hopefully this post has alleviated some of your concerns about your corgi.

Remember, it’s normal for the ears to take a long time to stand up. They can become perky then flop again over and over.

Some corgis will never have pointed ears, although this amount is small. Others will take anywhere from 8 weeks to 24 weeks to fully develop. Be patient!